January 19, 2018

Lip Tip #9: Affordable Lipsticks?? My Fave ColourPop Shades

Are you a lipstick fanatic but don't want to spend crazy money? I have a serious love affair with lippies & understand the anxiety of constantly reaching for a lipstick to only realize most are $24+! While I do believe some lipsticks are worth the splurge, purchases can really add up & before I know it, I'm spending hundreds of $$ on lipsticks a year (yikes!)For those of us who are lipstick chameleons, I highly suggest finding a good brand at a cheaper price.

I personally heart ColourPop lipsticks. The colors are so fun & their liquid formulas are not overly drying. Check out my video to see my current favorites (at about $5 each!!).

What are some of your favorite ColourPop shades? Do you have a go-to brand with lower price points? I want to know!

Products Used
NYX liner in shade Pale Pink $4
ColourPop liquid lipstick in shade Calypso $5.20
NYX liner in shade Sand Pink $4
ColourPop lippie stix in shade Glam Bag $5.50

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