January 4, 2018

Lip Tip #7: Out of the Box


I've always been one to venture out of the norm. My aunt likes to say it's the 'New York City in me'. I typically don't care what others think & do things because they make me happy & feel right. So when I was shopping at Sephora, helping one of my girlfriends pick out some new makeup, I stumbled across Kat Von D's black lipstick & was automatically drawn to it. I tried it on & thought "this is so different, I love it".

I was about to buy it when I thought maybe this was just a fad, at least for me. So I took a look around & decided to buy the Sephora brand lipstick instead, saving me $6 - steal! I also realized I could use black eyeliner as a lip-liner instead of having to buy another product - score! I seriously love it. To be honest, it's empowering & eye catching. People look at you timidly & it makes me feel like I am a force to be reckoned with, like I'm some kind of vampire princess no one should look at yet can't help but be noticed. Maybe I'm weird but maybe I'm right. You should try it for yourself & find out.

Are there any beauty trends you love that are out of the norm? 
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