November 16, 2017

Lip Tip #5: Finding Your Red "Match"

I love love love a good red lipstick. But like most people, I sometimes find a red lip to be intimidating. It’s bold, it’s powerful & (to be honest) if it doesn’t match your complexion it’s no good! You would think a red lipstick is a red lipstick, but that’s just not the case. There are lipsticks with cool tones, warm tones, a hint of orange or blue, there’s so much to take into consideration when finding the “one”! So to help you find your perfect match, I thought I’d break it down in a simple, not-so-overwhelming-way. 

Read below to find your complexion and check out some of my recommendations!

1. Fair Complexion – Go for a lipstick with a blue undertone. This will compliment your light skin & really make your lips pop while adding vibrancy to your overall complexion. Plus, cool tones also make teeth appear whiter!

2. Medium Complexion – Orange-based lipsticks flatter olive complexions & creates a more overall radiant look, virtually erasing any yellow tones you may have.

3. Dark Complexion – Choose a high-pigmented orange-red. A shade like this will stand out without appearing too milky or pastel. Scared your lips will look too drastic? Use a bronze-brown lip pencil to blur out the outer edges of your lips so the lipstick meets the skin in a less drastic way.

You may ask yourself, “could I be a mix of two complexions??” Personally, I find that orange-reds go best with my skin tone. I have pretty fair skin BUT I have a yellow undertone. So while you may fall into a complexion category, you also need to know what hue your undertone is. 

To find your undertone, ask yourself the below.

1. Are your veins blue or green? Check your arm, if your veins are more blue, you likely have a cool undertone. If they’re green, you most likely have a warm (yellow) undertone.

2. How do you tan? If you burn, you most likely have a cool undertone. If you tan, you have a warm undertone.

3. Does gold or silver look best on you? Typically, people who look best in silver jewelry are cool toned while those who look good in gold are warm tones.

I hope this helps! Use my picks as a guide and head on over to your beauty store to try on some shades! Finding “the one” may take some time but once you know your complexion-traits, you’ll be buying red lipsticks with ease! 

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