November 2, 2017

Lip Tip #3: Keep Your Lipstick in Place

Featuring: NARS lipstick in Anita ($34)

I've always been a MAC lipstick addict. The formula is perfect for me - opaque, not sticky yet not too creamy. In the past, I've found that creamier lipsticks tend to run past my lip liner, undoing all the effort I've put in in order to achieve the perfect pout.

Until now - here are a few tips to prevent lipstick transfer:

1. Make sure your lips are moisturized. Hydrate your lips every day with a balm & apply before your lipstick. Drink lots of water too! It helps keep your skin & lips plump from the inside out.

2. Always apply lip liner - it acts like a primer, keeping lipsticks in all the right places (aka your lips, not your skin!). If you don't like lip liner, apply highlighter to the outer rims of your mouth, using your finger or a highlighting brush. It will act like a barrier & give your lips some shape!

3. Blot, blot, blot! I know this tip is as old as time, but believe me, I often forget to do this. After applying your lipstick, put a tissue between your lips & gently press your lips together. This will get rid of any access product!

4. Throw on some translucent powder. When you've applied all your lip products, gently add a dust of this stuff. I put a tissue over my lips then pat a powdered brush over it. This will let just the right amount of powder get through without leaving any unwanted residue plus it blots at the same time. Two tricks in one!

Now you can wear all the fabulous, creamy lipsticks you want - like my favorite Audacious Lipstick by Nars!


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