January 28, 2016

This Just In: Requiem by Kat Von D

Reporting my latest makeup review, from NJ Transit -

While shopping for the holidays, I ventured into Sephora to pick up a few things for my sister. Obviously I tried on a few new lipsticks & fell in love with Kat Von D's Everlasting lasting liquid lipstick in this gorgeous lilac, called Requiem.

To be honest, I seriously LOVE the color but I'm not so sure I about the formula. It became very dry, very quickly & didn't seem to last past my first cup of coffee. I will say it lasts a little longer & isn't as dry if you apply a coat of chap stick, followed by lip liner prior to application, but I'm not so sure I would purchase this product again based on my own preferences. I wear lipstick everyday, so I prefer moisturizing products. So for those of you who aren't a liquid lipstick kinda gal, I've made it my mission to find a great (less dry) dupe!

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  1. Nice color! You look so pretty!