January 20, 2015

Moisturizers for Day & Night

Working in the aesthetics industry has heightened my interest in skincare. Recently I have been scoping out the moisturizer scene and see what will get my combination skin through this brutal NY Winter. Below are the two brands that I have been using and loving recently; both drug store and high end!

For Day:
Aveeno PositivelyRadiant Daily Moisturizer - It is so important to work any type of SPF into your skincare routine whether it be with actual sunscreen or in your moisturizer. Since I rather not have loads of products to apply to my puffy, tired skin in the morning before I head to work, I like to have my SPF in my moisturizer.

I love Aveeno products, they absorb into the skin nicely and will allow you to apply your makeup minutes after unlike other moisturizers I have tried that sit moist on your skin. Incorporating it in my routine leaves my skin feeling soft and is definitely one of my favorite moisturizers!

For Night:
Clinique DramaticallyDifferent Moisturizing Lotion – It may be excessive to have two moisturizers in your skincare routine but I felt like treating myself with this high-end lotion. This moisturizer actually has no SPF so that is why I rather not use it in the morning. Known as being a cult favorite, this lotion leaves me skin feeling smooth and soft. It is a light lotion but still moisturizing enough that it is a perfect for my nighttime routine!

If you are wanting the smoothest makeup application, you must moisturize amongst many other reasons why moisturizing is so important. What lotions do you incorporate into your skincare routine? Would love to hear what works for your skin!


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  3. Thanks for sharing your beauty pics! I use to love Clinique but I've started venturing out to niche brands. If you get a chance check out Chantecaille! They have amazing products.

    I've recently relaunched my website CH1K.com and would love if you could stop by and check it out! Let me know what you think xx

    Helen xx