December 20, 2014

R+R Cosmetic

When Sana from R&R Cosmetics asked me to write a review about her company's line of hand & body lotions, I will admit I was hesitant at first. I'm such a picky lotion lover. For me, it's all about applying lotion without feeling like you've just lathered yourself with a pound of sticky smelly moisturizer. 

After talking to Sana about Rubee & Rinju Cosmetics' product line, I learned that they manufacture & distribute skin & hair care products, using only the finest & natural ingredients. R&R makes it possible for women  & men to buy top of the line products without spending a fortune. They understand that each consumer is unique, inspiring them to create products with varying degrees of nourishment, offering personalized & effective care. Intrigued, I decided to give them a try. 

Products from Left to Right:

1. Rinju : This may be my favorite lotion of the bunch. It has a subtle feminine scent that leaves my skin feeling unbelievably soft - almost like face primer for your body! Like every one of these products, this lotion is enriched with Vitamin E - which makes me feel great since Vitamin E helps prevent skin from aging. It's also known to help treat & prevent sunburn - which means I will definitely be taking this baby on vaca with me! Since I'm constantly moisturizing throughout the day, I leave this particular bottle at my work desk, as the scent is amazing & not overbearing.

2. Rinju Beaute Reelle : Contains shea butter along with vitamins A C E & K. This lotion is my boyfriend's favorite. Being a huge skin care & beauty advocate - I own more than enough beauty products to last a lifetime. I constantly find my boyfriend rummaging through our medicine cabinet, peaking in to see what goodies I have that can cure his day to day issues. When I told him I was participating in a lotion review, he was surprised at how "adventurous" I seemed since I never steer away from my trusty moisturizers -- Olay & Vaseline. When I met him for dinner, post shower & lotion, he couldn't stop talking about how soft & great my skin smelled. I now leave this lotion handy on my nightstand for the both of us to use.

3. Pierre La Touche : Enriched with Vitamin A E & shea butter. I like this one because it smells light & fresh. I leave this bottle in my bathroom for those cold rainy days when I like to take a long hot shower, using this afterwards, pretending I'm on a warm steamy island rather than freezing in my New York City apartment. 

4. Rubee Magic Beauty : Enriched with Herbal Extracts, cocoa butter & vitamin E. This is the most potent smelling lotion of the four. Since I always buy scent-free products, this lotion was my least favorite. But for my ladies who like a scent to their moisturizers, this has a hint of floral mixed with cocoa butter. Although scented, the ingredients in this lotion are outstanding. I leave this lotion next to our kitchen sink so that my skin can repair after a night's work of cooking & cleaning dishes.

All in all, these lotions are absolutely amazing. They leave my skin feeling nourished & soft to the touch. Trying out these lotions helped teach me about the importance of Vitamin E in any moisturizer. I feel confident my skin will remain youthful after each & every application. If you haven't already gotten all your holiday gifts or want to add a little something extra to someone's present, I highly recommend giving these lotions a try. I'm sure your loved ones will be just as obsessed as I am! Click here to purchase your R&R lotion today!

*special thank you to R+R Cosmetics for sponsoring this post