December 11, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

This year, I spoiled my loved ones and I cannot wait to see what they think of the gifts I got them for the holidays! If you still have no idea what to get for a special woman in your life, I compiled a list of some Sephora goodies you could purchase! I chose Sephora because they have the best gift sets, you can rack up some points, shipping is fast and prompt and you always get some great free samples. 

1. Naked On The Run Palette - Why not treat your mom to one of the most sought after eye shadow palette and then some.  My mom is an eye shadow junkie and is always sticking her paws into my Naked palettes. With this palette you get some Naked shadows but you also get blush, bronzer, lip gloss and mascara – all she needs to create a flawless looking.

2. Formula X The SystemIntroduce the nail polish junkie in your life to a Sephora brand that she has probably never tried before. Everything you need to complete a perfect mani is in this set including a nail cleanser to help with the adhesive of the base coat and super fast drying top coat.  If you order this product on the website, you receive a full sized polish of your choosing for free to put into your set! 

3. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Mini Rollerball Set - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen created gold with this set of scents. I personally have this rollerball set and I could honestly say these scents are universal. Some of the notes include delicate peony, alluring violet and sensual sandalwood. But what is so fun about these two is when you layer the White over the Black, you get this amazing scent that will make everyone one want to take a wiff of you. 

Let me know some of the gifts you got for your special ladies below! I would love to hear! Happy Holidays! 

Till Next Time, Amanda 


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