November 6, 2014

Glam Tattoos

This Halloween was spent with Fortune and our boyfriends hopping from bar to bar throughout the streets of Midtown Manhattan. It seemed as though the four of us had a skeleton/skull costume theme for the night. While Fortune and Anthony stuck to a spookier skeleton look, Ralph and I were rocking our versions of the eclectic sugar skulls from the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos. Since I had some Glam Tattoos on hand, I thought why not adorn myself with some of these glamorous temporary tattoos to spice up our sugar skull looks.

I am not sure if you have ever tried rocking this flash tattoo trend, but for me the process was so simple. I had so many options of jewelry replacement tattoos from the pages I purchased from the Glam Tattoos website (I chose the Heart of Gold Collection and Key To Cairo Collection). And just like when you were younger, grab a wet paper towel and dab away for 30 seconds to apply. The tattoos lasted for about 4 days and with some light exfoliation, they came off like a breeze.

Definitely check out Glam Tattoos website! There are so many different styles and collections to chose from, it makes it so difficult to pick. I know I will be rocking these glam tattoos in the future. The ease of application, trendy way to replace jewelry and how fabulous they look makes this something you need in your beauty stash!

Check out our pictures from our awesome Halloween night and where I decided to place my Glam Tattoos. You can buy Glam Tattoos online at !