October 2, 2014

Miracle Complexion Sponge

One of my favorite ways to apply foundation is with a beauty blender. You may have wondered what to do with this egg-shaped sponge and why there are so many different versions.

There is no need to splurge on the original $20 Beauty Blender product. My favorite is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (pictured above) and it is only six bucks! It is the perfect duplicate of the original and may even be a better design because of its unique shape and edges.

To use any type of beauty blender, you must use it wet. Run it under warm water for about 15 squeezes. The sponge will expand to a much larger size, squeeze out the excess water, and it is ready to go. I usually will apply liquid foundation on the back of my clean hand and dip the sponge from there. Below are some of my tips and tricks when using this applicator:
  • This sponge will create a light and flawless finish and if you need more coverage, push extra product into the skin where it’s needed.
  • The flat edge of this Miracle Complexion Sponge gives a nice even finish and gets under the eyes and around the nose effortlessly.
  • The precision end of any beauty blender covers blemishes perfectly when you use a little extra foundation or concealer on the spot.
  • Roll and push the round side under the eye to finish concealing.
  • The round side can be used as an applicator for blush or for shine-control powder.
  • Letting your sponge absorb water will make applying foundation hydrating and refreshing.
  • If you have a heavy hand and apply too much foundation or concealer, your sponge will soak up the excess.
  • Dab rather than push the product into your skin when using the sponge to give your skin a dewy and luminous look like my look in the selfie below! ;) 
It is always fun to switch up your application techniques and use different tools to apply your makeup. Have you ever used a beauty blender or something like it? Let me know what your favorite versions of this miracle sponge are in the comments below. I definitely recommend this product to all my beauty lovers out there! 

Till next week! 
Amanda xo