October 23, 2014

Halloween Makeup Look

The 31st is quickly approaching so I figured it's time to share this super easy and sexy cat makeup I will be sporting for Halloween. Usually I go all out for my costume, gathering items from store to store to create my festive get up. But this year, I wanted something that was simple and practical using products that I already had in my makeup stash. Also, I have been wanting to purchase some lace cat ears since they have become the ultimate hair accessory for every day wear.

I love seeing how talented and creative some of my fellow beauty lovers can get when they create Halloween looks. Jade Munster (@jademunster) recently posted a cat look that instantly inspired me and made me eager to recreate. Putting my own spin on Jade's look, below is what I used to create this simple Halloween look:

If you are in the mood to see some eccentric Halloween looks, check out Nicole Guerriero's YouTube channel. For me, it is so interesting to see what she comes up with and how she transforms herself into these whimsical and beautiful characters. It is definitely a must see!

I hope you all have a safe and festive Halloween, let me know in the comments below what you are being for Halloween. Are you going all out this year or keeping it more low key like me? Would love to hear from you!

Till next time,
Amanda xo


  1. AMAZZZZING kitty cat makeup! MEEEEEOWWW!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls