April 24, 2014


Photography by Gionna Tarantola

I was born & raised in New Jersey. So when I decided to go away to college in Connecticut, it was a big deal since my parents never ventured out of the garden state. I then landed an internship in NYC my sophomore year while dating a Long Island boy who I now live with in NYC. It's no secret that I'm a big commuter, especially when I have family & loved ones in one place & obligations in another. I've always dreamed of traveling the world & hope to live in LA at some point. There's nothing like a new place filled with new experiences & although change can sometimes be scary, I've learned to embrace it. So follow your dreams, no matter how near or far they take you! xxFTF


  1. Your metallic heels are killer! I love them. I think moving to LA would be a great idea! The weather is the best.

    Stay Styled,



  2. Your shoes are fab!