April 10, 2014

Aruba Essentials

Packing has never been my forte. I tend to overpack since I get separation anxiety from my belongings & don't like the feeling of wanting something that I've left behind. But this time around I decided to pack well in advance & narrow down my everyday essentials. My beauty essentials above include my favorite eyeshadow pallet that contains all the colors you could possibly need on a 6 day trip. Organix seasalt spray - which is great for that beach hair look, especially if you have naturally wavy hair. My three favorite lipsticks (at least for now) Candy Yum Yum & Saint Germain by Mac, YSL #9. My new MK sandals my aunt got me for me for my birthday, they're super cute & even more comfortable! Nars Orgasm blush because it looks great with an island tan, my favorite foundation & perfume, & of course some sunscreen.
My obsessions in life include; bathing suits, sunglasses, lipsticks, shoes & handbags. These are two of my simpler bathing suits that have definitely become my go-tos. Although I'm not a big sandal person, I couldn't say no to these leather studded beauties from Aldo.
I also had to bring some of my new suits that include a high-waisted cheetah getup (check out my Instagram for details), a purple clutch for nights on the town, some fun neon flip flops & my favorite little mirror.
These Prada beauties are my most recent purchase & I can't get enough of them. They have definitely become a staple in my wardrobe thanks to their super cute & chic shape. 
My followers have seen these babies quite a few times. I was never an aviator fan until I found these. They fit my face perfectly & are so unique!
Here's the whole gang! (The ones I'm bringing to Aruba that is). I honestly can't get enough Ray Bans   which made the Prada ones special as they spiced up my latest additions. 

Hope you're having a fabulous week... xxFTF 

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