March 5, 2014

Snow White

Photography by Donna Tarantola
Dress: Forever 21 - love this
Scarf: Vintage - similar
Earrings: Forever 21- obsessed with these
Watch: Michael Kors

There's nothing like some color to make an outfit pop. As a recent college graduate starting her new career, I've tried to build upon my wardrobe basics. I have a love-hate relationship with basics, as I'm a print lover who is constantly looking for the perfect 'stand-out from the crowd' outfit. But the problem is; what does one wear with a pair of Joie banana-leaf print shorts when all they own are printed tops in outlandish colors that would never match - let alone compliment - in a million years? That my friend, is where basics come in.

Although boring, basics come in handy & help support my pattern-addiction. If it wasn't for this plain ivory dress, I wouldn't be able to showcase this totally awesome vintage scarf & matching emerald earrings. Sometimes you have to buy things you'd rather not put your money towards in order to complete a look, but that's why I stick to cheaper products when it comes to white tees & cropped tanks & splurge on designer patterns that guarantee that 'wow-factor'.

Xo - FTF

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