March 14, 2014

Sneaker Evolution

photos from : sincerely jules, peace love shea, vogue, atlantic pacific, trop rouge

Being the 'super-girl' that I am, I've never thought about wearing sneakers unless it involved going for a run or keeping up my #gymflow. However, being the fashion obsessed chick I am, I cant help but crave a good pair after checking out some of my fave fashion bloggers. From slip on sneaks to converse & nike high-tops, sneakers are definitely making a comeback as they can be found walking the high fashion streets of ny, no longer worn just for their functionality but more for their fashion sense.

In the news of ftf - I am in the process or relaunching my site, with better quality pics & outfit posts just around the corner. I've been keeping up with my blogger homework & figured I'd share a post that has inspired me for some of my upcoming looks. I'm so excited to share my new adventure & life with all of you!

Happy Friday & cheers to some weekend inspiration! Xo- FTF

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