February 14, 2014


Photography by Gionna Tarantola
Top: The Loft
Pants: Michael Kors - similar 
Shoes: h&m
Earrings: Chloe + Isabel

Happy Friday everyone! I've completed my first week of my NYC job & I couldn't be more exhausted & excited. Today's post contains one of my fave color combos, pink & grey. There is just something about this pallet that is so neutral & fresh. I'm also loving this vampy look, as I am an avid lover of lipstick & tend to jump on any lip-trend no matter how outrageous it may be.

So what are your thoughts on these MC Hammer-inspired pants? For one thing they are definitely not flattering, so what is it about them that has people stocking up? I can speak for myself when I say comfort is definitely a factor & anything comfortable yet trendy gets a go-ahead in my book.

So get out there & grab yourself a pair of these 'man-repelling' pants & see what awesome outfits you can come up with! Be sure to tag me in your instagram looks - I can't wait to see!

Xo - FTF

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