February 21, 2014

Insta-Moments on FTF

It's funny how such a small picture can paint such a big picture. Instagram is a great way to communicate with your friends & colleagues, keeping them up to date on your whereabouts & latest endeavors. I've recently become a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel, which I'm super pumped about! I love their jewelry - so fashion forward & on trend.

Shortly after becoming a C + I merchandiser, I landed a full-time job in NYC! How exciting, right? Sadly, I had to leave my job with Michael but I am so excited to be starting my new journey.

My first Valentine's day in the city was unbelievable. I had a lovely time & my boyfriend managed to surprise me with two dozen roses & chocolate strawberries which he sent to my new office! Imagine starting your new job & getting a ton of roses & chocolates -- somewhat embarrassing but pretty awesome!

As always, FTF is all about the fashion. So be sure to check back here for the latest style trends & see what I'm currently loving & wearing. Follow my instagram for the quickest updates & to get a better insight on what I'm doing in my new fabulous life here in NYC.

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