January 15, 2014

Red Cheetah

Photography by Gionna Tarantola

Top: Michael Kors
Pants: Zara - similar
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Michael Kors
Clutch: Michael Kors

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post but the New Year comes with resolutions & one of mine is to dedicate more time to the things I enjoy; one of them being my blog. 2014 is my year & I plan to make it as enlightening & fun as possible.

My NY’s resolutions include:
Live in the moment.
Be more thankful.
Live a healthier lifestyle (a NY’s given)
Dedicate more time to the things I love.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? I love hearing what other’s plan to improve upon or change. There’s something about a new year that feels refreshing & almost spiritual. Sure you can improve yourself any day of the year, but a new year feels like a fresh clean slate ridding of us remorse or doubt we may have felt.

Back to the fashion – this year I decided to dedicate my first post to Michael Kors. Michael has been my favorite designer since I was fifteen, as he continues to design chic wearable fashion for the everyday woman. I also thought it would be nice to feature him since I am now a sales associate for MK!

So check back here everyday, Monday through Friday to see what I’m wearing & what I’m up to. I promise to keep you entertained & up to date on all the latest fashion trends.

Xo -- FTF

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