November 30, 2017

Lip Tip #6: The Perfect-Pink-Hue-Nude

Want to achieve the perfect-pink-nude? Watch the video below to find out which products I use for my signature nude lip. This is my go-to nude for the winter since it is super hydrating. The oil base, mixed with a long lasting matte lipstick, topped with gloss, leaves your lips shiny for hours. I find it also makes my lips look bigger! 

What's your go-to nude? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear!

Products Used:
Cover Fx - Custom Infusion Drops ($48)
MAC - Staunchly Stylish lip liner ($21)
Maybelline - Blushing Beige lipstick ($8)
Kylie Cosmetics - So Cute lip-gloss ($15)

November 29, 2017

VIDEO: My Current Hair Care Products

What are your favorite hair care products? My hair goal is always to achieve long, healthy hair without too much product, fuss or time. I typically spend less than 10 mins on my hair. How much time do you invest in your hair?

Comment below & let me know what you guys think of my video!

Products used: Maple Holistics - tea tree shampoo $9 ( Neutrogena - triple moisture recovery mask $6 ( The Wet Brush - brush-pro $15 ( Orlando Pita - well behaved anti-frizz serum $28 ( Arrojo - protective thickening lotion $25 ( Revlon - blow dryer $14 ( Marc Anthony - hydrating coconut oil $8 ( Arrojo - PrIMP hair spray $28 ( Music: Crash by Adventure Club

November 28, 2017


Photography by Gionna Tarantola 

Do you wear gym clothes on a regular basis? I've recently become a fan of leisurewear (super late, I know..) but it's become practical for my lifestyle. I love working out, like l-o-v-e love it. So one day, as I was walking out the door, I grabbed this "gym-jacket" & thought to myself "why don't I wear this in 'real life'??" So there you have it - that's how I realized I can mix my gym-wear with street-wear without looking like I'm about to go to spin class. 

November 21, 2017

Neutral Camo

Obsessed with my new camouflage jacket!! Forever 21 has the best jacket selection lately. If you're like me & tend to buy a lot of basic-wear, a fun jacket is just what you need. I love this jacket because it incorporates more neutral tones, while your typical camouflage has darker, harsher shades, making this version more versatile. 

November 16, 2017

Lip Tip #5: Finding Your Red "Match"

I love love love a good red lipstick. But like most people, I sometimes find a red lip to be intimidating. It’s bold, it’s powerful & (to be honest) if it doesn’t match your complexion it’s no good! You would think a red lipstick is a red lipstick, but that’s just not the case. There are lipsticks with cool tones, warm tones, a hint of orange or blue, there’s so much to take into consideration when finding the “one”! So to help you find your perfect match, I thought I’d break it down in a simple, not-so-overwhelming-way. 

Read below to find your complexion and check out some of my recommendations!

1. Fair Complexion – Go for a lipstick with a blue undertone. This will compliment your light skin & really make your lips pop while adding vibrancy to your overall complexion. Plus, cool tones also make teeth appear whiter!

2. Medium Complexion – Orange-based lipsticks flatter olive complexions & creates a more overall radiant look, virtually erasing any yellow tones you may have.

3. Dark Complexion – Choose a high-pigmented orange-red. A shade like this will stand out without appearing too milky or pastel. Scared your lips will look too drastic? Use a bronze-brown lip pencil to blur out the outer edges of your lips so the lipstick meets the skin in a less drastic way.

You may ask yourself, “could I be a mix of two complexions??” Personally, I find that orange-reds go best with my skin tone. I have pretty fair skin BUT I have a yellow undertone. So while you may fall into a complexion category, you also need to know what hue your undertone is. 

To find your undertone, ask yourself the below.

1. Are your veins blue or green? Check your arm, if your veins are more blue, you likely have a cool undertone. If they’re green, you most likely have a warm (yellow) undertone.

2. How do you tan? If you burn, you most likely have a cool undertone. If you tan, you have a warm undertone.

3. Does gold or silver look best on you? Typically, people who look best in silver jewelry are cool toned while those who look good in gold are warm tones.

I hope this helps! Use my picks as a guide and head on over to your beauty store to try on some shades! Finding “the one” may take some time but once you know your complexion-traits, you’ll be buying red lipsticks with ease! 

November 14, 2017

Touch of Glam

Photography by Gionna Tarantola 

My current fall favorites are anything faux fur & green. I love this cropped bomber jacket - the faux fur adds a touch of glam to the typical leisurewear which (I think) is what ever girl needs. 

November 9, 2017

Lip Tip #4: Achieving Fuller Lips

Everyone wants fuller lips. So how exactly can you achieve them without fillers??

Here are a few ways I achieve fuller lips:

1. Use a lip scrub - this will remove any dead skin from your lips, creating smoother lips. I use Tarte's lip exfoliant.

2. Apply a clear lip plumper - I apply NYX  Pump It Up Lip Plumper right after I use my lip scrub & let it sit while I apply makeup to the rest of my face. This lets the formula sink in & dry a little before applying lipstick.

3. Lip liner - I know it's obvious but lip liner really does make all the difference. Outlining your lips a little past their natural outline will create a larger pout. Just try not to make it too extreme! Start by over-lining your cupid's bow. 

4. Contouring - add a little highlighter to your cupid's bow & apply a darker liner (1 or 2 shades darker than the original) to the outside of your original liner outline. This will make your lips POP.

5. Add some lip gloss or shimmery powder to the center of your lips.

VoilĂ ! You now have a natural, plumper pout!

November 2, 2017

Lip Tip #3: Keep Your Lipstick in Place

Featuring: NARS lipstick in Anita ($34)

I've always been a MAC lipstick addict. The formula is perfect for me - opaque, not sticky yet not too creamy. In the past, I've found that creamier lipsticks tend to run past my lip liner, undoing all the effort I've put in in order to achieve the perfect pout.

Until now - here are a few tips to prevent lipstick transfer:

1. Make sure your lips are moisturized. Hydrate your lips every day with a balm & apply before your lipstick. Drink lots of water too! It helps keep your skin & lips plump from the inside out.

2. Always apply lip liner - it acts like a primer, keeping lipsticks in all the right places (aka your lips, not your skin!). If you don't like lip liner, apply highlighter to the outer rims of your mouth, using your finger or a highlighting brush. It will act like a barrier & give your lips some shape!

3. Blot, blot, blot! I know this tip is as old as time, but believe me, I often forget to do this. After applying your lipstick, put a tissue between your lips & gently press your lips together. This will get rid of any access product!

4. Throw on some translucent powder. When you've applied all your lip products, gently add a dust of this stuff. I put a tissue over my lips then pat a powdered brush over it. This will let just the right amount of powder get through without leaving any unwanted residue plus it blots at the same time. Two tricks in one!

Now you can wear all the fabulous, creamy lipsticks you want - like my favorite Audacious Lipstick by Nars!


October 31, 2017

Sweet Like Kandi

I was never a fan of mules until I was wondering around Nordstrom with my boyfriend & stumbled upon these. I have to admit - I loved them bc they are so fun but I was skeptical to buy them because I wasn't sure how I'd wear them. I always wear heels & thought of mules seemed too masculine for me & my personal style. But these are different, these are girly yet chic & so me. So Mike convinced me I should have them & bought them for me. Now the only reason I don't wear them is because I'm so afraid of ruining them!!

October 27, 2017

Lip Tip #2: The Perfect Matte

Matte is such a trend right now but for the longest time, I couldn't get into it. I grew up rocking glosses which I was always particular about - couldn't be tacky or to sheer. So when mattes became the new thing I found myself still reaching for my trustee hydrating lipsticks, as I couldn't bear the feeling of dry, flaky lips - & believe me, I tried so hard to love Kylie Jenner's lipkits but just couldn't (dont judge!). 

UNTIL I discovered Maybelline's line of matte lipsticks. They are hydrating & never leave my lips feeling cracked. I swear by them & have gotten so many of my family & friends hooked - which isn't a bad addiction considering they're only $6!! 

October 20, 2017

Indian Summer

Wearing: Forever21 kimono, Forever21 top (warmer version, here), Good American Jeans, Merona mules 

Not your typical fall-look but hey, it's been 80 degrees here in New York & I personally run on heat so I can't even begin to think about sweaters! However, I did link a colder-weather-friendly top above. I also have to say that I absolutely love these mule loafers & literally wear them every day - & they're only $22.99!