December 20, 2014

R+R Cosmetic

When Sana from R&R Cosmetics asked me to write a review about her company's line of hand & body lotions, I will admit I was hesitant at first. I'm such a picky lotion lover. For me, it's all about applying lotion without feeling like you've just lathered yourself with a pound of sticky smelly moisturizer. 

After talking to Sana about Rubee & Rinju Cosmetics' product line, I learned that they manufacture & distribute skin & hair care products, using only the finest & natural ingredients. R&R makes it possible for women  & men to buy top of the line products without spending a fortune. They understand that each consumer is unique, inspiring them to create products with varying degrees of nourishment, offering personalized & effective care. Intrigued, I decided to give them a try. 

Products from Left to Right:

1. Rinju : This may be my favorite lotion of the bunch. It has a subtle feminine scent that leaves my skin feeling unbelievably soft - almost like face primer for your body! Like every one of these products, this lotion is enriched with Vitamin E - which makes me feel great since Vitamin E helps prevent skin from aging. It's also known to help treat & prevent sunburn - which means I will definitely be taking this baby on vaca with me! Since I'm constantly moisturizing throughout the day, I leave this particular bottle at my work desk, as the scent is amazing & not overbearing.

2. Rinju Beaute Reelle : Contains shea butter along with vitamins A C E & K. This lotion is my boyfriend's favorite. Being a huge skin care & beauty advocate - I own more than enough beauty products to last a lifetime. I constantly find my boyfriend rummaging through our medicine cabinet, peaking in to see what goodies I have that can cure his day to day issues. When I told him I was participating in a lotion review, he was surprised at how "adventurous" I seemed since I never steer away from my trusty moisturizers -- Olay & Vaseline. When I met him for dinner, post shower & lotion, he couldn't stop talking about how soft & great my skin smelled. I now leave this lotion handy on my nightstand for the both of us to use.

3. Pierre La Touche : Enriched with Vitamin A E & shea butter. I like this one because it smells light & fresh. I leave this bottle in my bathroom for those cold rainy days when I like to take a long hot shower, using this afterwards, pretending I'm on a warm steamy island rather than freezing in my New York City apartment. 

4. Rubee Magic Beauty : Enriched with Herbal Extracts, cocoa butter & vitamin E. This is the most potent smelling lotion of the four. Since I always buy scent-free products, this lotion was my least favorite. But for my ladies who like a scent to their moisturizers, this has a hint of floral mixed with cocoa butter. Although scented, the ingredients in this lotion are outstanding. I leave this lotion next to our kitchen sink so that my skin can repair after a night's work of cooking & cleaning dishes.

All in all, these lotions are absolutely amazing. They leave my skin feeling nourished & soft to the touch. I'm so happy to have these moisturizers for the winter, as everyone's skin needs a little extra love in the colder temperatures. If you haven't already gotten all your holiday gifts or want to add a little something extra to someone's present, I highly recommend giving these lotions a try. I'm sure your loved ones will be just as obsessed as I am! Click here to purchase your R&R lotion today!

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December 18, 2014

Love it or Leave it?

Does it not seem like you run out of all your products and makeup at the same time? For me this is a constant struggle. Looking at the empty hair products I accrued all at once, I thought I would do a blog post starring all these empty bottles and deciding if I love it or leave it (AKA - will I buy it again?).

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque – Once a week, I will leave this product in my hair for about 7-10 minutes in the shower. Although I did not notice any serious changes in my hair from this product, it did make my locks supple, moisturized and shiny. It is quite pricey but this masque lasted me for months so definitely do not feel guilty buying! I like trying a lot of different brands and hair products so I might not repurchase right away but I definitely will not forget about it!

Dry Shampoo Batiste Hint of Color – You know those days where you haven’t washed you hair in sometime and the only thing that would save it is dry shampoo? This is the one you should be using especially if you have brown hair (this product is specifically tinted brown). This may be a bias review since I have never tried another brand of dry shampoo but I do not feel like I need to. The fact that it is tinted brown for my hair and revives my hair another day, that is all I need. I already have another full can waiting to be used.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling CreamI have been a huge fan of this product to be used for when I blow-dry my hair. I usually only wash my hair 1-2 times a week and maybe blow dry it once a week so only use what you need, a little goes a long way. I loved how lightweight and moisturizing this product was however, it is not a product I would claim to be my holy grail. It made my hair feel super healthy and the smell was amazing however I am interested in trying other styling creams. I definitely recommend this product if you have never tried any of the Moroccanoil line.

Since I now have all these empty hair products, I would love to hear what hair products you have been using! 

Till Next Time, 

December 17, 2014

Black Affair

The holiday season has me busier (& crazier) than ever. This week I attended my company's holiday party at The Gramercy Park Hotel -- super chic bar with great drinks & even greater company. I was told this particular bar hosts tons of celebrities - so cool because I got to meet Dita Von Teese!!

I'm sure everyone's schedule is extremely hectic right now. I took a few days off from social media to regroup & relax - sorry to all my followers but sometimes it's necessary to turn off & be present, I highly recommend you give it a try! I finally finished all my holiday shopping too. Are you guys all set for the holidays?!

H+M pants - similar here

December 11, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

This year, I spoiled my loved ones and I cannot wait to see what they think of the gifts I got them for the holidays! If you still have no idea what to get for a special woman in your life, I compiled a list of some Sephora goodies you could purchase! I chose Sephora because they have the best gift sets, you can rack up some points, shipping is fast and prompt and you always get some great free samples. 

1. Naked On The Run Palette - Why not treat your mom to one of the most sought after eye shadow palette and then some.  My mom is an eye shadow junkie and is always sticking her paws into my Naked palettes. With this palette you get some Naked shadows but you also get blush, bronzer, lip gloss and mascara – all she needs to create a flawless looking.

2. Formula X The SystemIntroduce the nail polish junkie in your life to a Sephora brand that she has probably never tried before. Everything you need to complete a perfect mani is in this set including a nail cleanser to help with the adhesive of the base coat and super fast drying top coat.  If you order this product on the website, you receive a full sized polish of your choosing for free to put into your set! 

3. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Mini Rollerball Set - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen created gold with this set of scents. I personally have this rollerball set and I could honestly say these scents are universal. Some of the notes include delicate peony, alluring violet and sensual sandalwood. But what is so fun about these two is when you layer the White over the Black, you get this amazing scent that will make everyone one want to take a wiff of you. 

Let me know some of the gifts you got for your special ladies below! I would love to hear! Happy Holidays! 

Till Next Time, Amanda