July 16, 2015


Wearing: Topshop dress, Diane von Furstenberg clutch, Pelle Moda heels, Makeup Forever lipstick in #43

I've decided to come back from my blogging-hiatus in order to create a space where I can talk about fashion, life & the process of it all. I hope that I, along with all of my readers, can use this site as a means of communication, encouragement & discussion, relating to one another on a more personal basis.


Life is a funny thing. You put thought & effort into things; your daily routine, your career, your relationships, where you're going in life & the things you hope to achieve, and then suddenly life happens & somehow your world seems to turn upside down, leaving you to wonder if everything you've done thus far was really worth the blood, sweat & tears. 

Someone dear to me once said that "life is all about perception". When life comes at us full force, it sometimes feels easiest to throw in the towel & succumb to our emotions, forgetting who we are & the things we once loved. Never lose sight of your dreams or the love that surrounds you. Hold on tight to the things, people, places you cherish. Hold onto them even tighter when life gets tough, those are the things that will get you through it.


July 13, 2015


Wearing: Free People top, Topshop jeans, Michael Kors sandals (sale!), Rebecca Minkoff bag (sale!), Jennifer Zeuner necklace, Mac lipstick in Candy Yum Yum 

Hey guys!!!! 

Since my last post, I've moved out of NYC & am officially back to being a Jersey girl. I've taken these past five months to really focus on myself & my journey in life. I have a new job, I'm about to move into my very own apartment & I'm looking to expand my blogging team & the topics discussed here on FTF. I'm sorry I've been MIA, but sometimes life throws you a few curveballs & you have to regroup, taking the necessary time to heal. All in all, things are beginning to look up & I can't wait to share my new journey here on Fortune Teller Fashion. Thank you for your constant support, even in my absence, it truly means the world to me. I can't wait to get back at it & reconnect with you all!! Stay tuned! xxFTF 

February 10, 2015

Fekkai PRx Reparatives

I have been dying to try Fekkai hair products and I finally got my hands on the PRx Reparatives Hair Shampoo and Conditioner system.  I was able to snag the Hair Masque in the same line because it was 50% off at my local CVS (so you know I had to grab it).  An added bonus, all of these products were a part of the Allure Best of Beauty Awards for 2014! 

Using the shampoo and conditioner was a definitely a treat. It felt luxurious in my semi dry hair and had this pleasant vanilla and creme scent that I have never smelt in a hair product before. Some great features of these products is they are infused with Argan which I love to add to my hair care regimen. Using the shampoo was pretty standard, massaged it through my scalp. For the conditioner, I just focused the product at the end of my hair and running the left overs through my scalp. I can definitely tell a bad shampoo and conditioner from a good one and I would have to say these are top-notch products!

The PRX Reparatives in Intensive Fortifying Masque has definitely been my favorite product from the Fekkai PRX Reparatives line. I like to use hair masques about once a week. Then I usually add in my pre styling hair products but with this product I felt like adding in all those extra products was unnecessary! The masque left my hair with a little extra shine that I do not usually see in my day-to-day hair.
If you have a little extra money to spend on hair care products, I definitely recommend checking these Fekkai products out!

UPDATE: Last blog post I mentioned an Aveeno Daily Moisturizer I have been using. After a month it has been making my skin burn right at application and plan on never buying it again. Just wanted to let all you pretties know, do not want to recommend products that hurt! ;)

Till Next Time,

February 4, 2015


Lately all I've wanted to wear is my pajamas. I've begun to get tiresome of my constant schedule. Between working Monday-Friday as an admin assistant & constantly blogging on the weekends, I'm craving a break where I can just relax & not worry about what I look like or the clothes I'm wearing. Weird to hear from a fashion blogger, right? Weird or not, I'm still human & humans need a break every once in awhile. I'm hoping spring puts a little more pep in my step.
H+M jacket - love this
LF top - coveting this

February 2, 2015

Winter Woes

It's Monday once again, which means back to work. The weather here in NYC has been anything but pleasant. This morning I woke up to snow covered sidewalks & the unwelcoming sound of freezing rain hitting against my bedroom window.
Sadly, the groundhog has declared another six weeks of winter which I will admit has me pretty down. The cold & darkness has really given me a lack of inspiration & I'm feeling desperate for some sunlight & a warm summer breeze. I'm currently trying to figure out a way to get out of here, maybe take a trip to Miami or San Diego? I'll let you know what I end up unraveling.
Old Navy coat - similar here

January 29, 2015

New In: Prada

When Anthony surprised me with these shoes, I was stunned to say the least. I've always been a huge Prada fan due to the brand's modernity & ever-evolving style. Prior to these babies, the only Prada I owned were my overly worn cat-eye sunglasses I bought myself for my 23rd birthday last year.
For me, sunglasses have always been the way to go when it comes to getting your hands on your favorite designer goods. Yes they can be pricey but not as pricey in comparison to high-end designers' apparel & leather accessories. I remember jumping up & down with joy, as I had finally owned something Prada! Funny to think that when I received these stunning black pumps, all I could do was look back & fourth, from Anthony to my new-baby-Pradas, in awe & confusion. These definitely took owning Prada to a whole other level.

January 26, 2015


Anthony & I went to Pennsylvania to spend the weekend with two other couples from college. It was a nice break from the city, as the beautiful house was tucked in what seemed like never-ending woods. We even got several inches of snow. I forgot how beautiful snowfall can be, especially when it goes untouched for days. Now I'm back in New York, prepping for the huge snowstorm that's approaching - except this time I'm not nearly as excited!