January 29, 2015

New In: Prada

When Anthony surprised me with these shoes, I was stunned to say the least. I've always been a huge Prada fan due to the brand's modernity & ever-evolving style. Prior to these babies, the only Prada I owned were my overly worn cat-eye sunglasses I bought myself for my 23rd birthday last year.
For me, sunglasses have always been the way to go when it comes to getting your hands on your favorite designer goods. Yes they can be pricey but not as pricey in comparison to high-end designers' apparel & leather accessories. I remember jumping up & down with joy, as I had finally owned something Prada! Funny to think that when I received these stunning black pumps, all I could do was look back & fourth, from Anthony to my new-baby-Pradas, in awe & confusion. These definitely took owning Prada to a whole other level.

January 26, 2015


Anthony & I went to Pennsylvania to spend the weekend with two other couples from college. It was a nice break from the city, as the beautiful house was tucked in what seemed like never-ending woods. We even got several inches of snow. I forgot how beautiful snowfall can be, especially when it goes untouched for days. Now I'm back in New York, prepping for the huge snowstorm that's approaching - except this time I'm not nearly as excited!

January 23, 2015

New In: RM Paris Clutch

I love accessories; dainty necklaces, rings, shoes, purses.. but up until now I really didn't own a smaller-sized bag. Sure I have clutches for various occasions, but if you were to go in my closet you'd find more totes than anything. It was time to invest in a smaller shoulder bag that I could wear when running out the door to go shopping or catching up over brunch or dinner with one of my girlfriends.

I had originally wanted a DVF lip clutch. I waited a few months (I normally wait a little before splurging) but when I was ready, the bag was sold out. I couldn't get it out of my head! Until I saw this Rebecca Minkoff Paris Clutch on sale at Nordstrom Rack. The color is so different yet versatile, I love the gold hardware & the leather texture immediately reminded me of Louis Vuitton. Looking forward to styling this ASAP!

January 20, 2015

Moisturizers for Day & Night

Working in the aesthetics industry has heightened my interest in skincare. Recently I have been scoping out the moisturizer scene and see what will get my combination skin through this brutal NY Winter. Below are the two brands that I have been using and loving recently; both drug store and high end!

For Day:
Aveeno PositivelyRadiant Daily Moisturizer - It is so important to work any type of SPF into your skincare routine whether it be with actual sunscreen or in your moisturizer. Since I rather not have loads of products to apply to my puffy, tired skin in the morning before I head to work, I like to have my SPF in my moisturizer.

I love Aveeno products, they absorb into the skin nicely and will allow you to apply your makeup minutes after unlike other moisturizers I have tried that sit moist on your skin. Incorporating it in my routine leaves my skin feeling soft and is definitely one of my favorite moisturizers!

For Night:
Clinique DramaticallyDifferent Moisturizing Lotion – It may be excessive to have two moisturizers in your skincare routine but I felt like treating myself with this high-end lotion. This moisturizer actually has no SPF so that is why I rather not use it in the morning. Known as being a cult favorite, this lotion leaves me skin feeling smooth and soft. It is a light lotion but still moisturizing enough that it is a perfect for my nighttime routine!

If you are wanting the smoothest makeup application, you must moisturize amongst many other reasons why moisturizing is so important. What lotions do you incorporate into your skincare routine? Would love to hear what works for your skin!


Happy Tuesday! Looking forward to this short work week. I had the luxury of having my apartment to myself for a few days so I decided to fill up my weekend with some quality girl-time. I spent Thursday night doing yoga & catching up on life with Alexa, my good friend of over 10 years! We caught up on some shitty reality TV & had a cozy sleepover just like old times. I then spent Saturday & Sunday with my best friend & beauty blogger Amanda, grabbing dinner & drinks while documenting our fun Manhattan weekend.

I'm also stepping up my social media game (which I never thought was possible)! A lot of exciting things are happening here at FTF so be sure to check out my facebook, instagram & twitter pages. I'll be posting even better content more often so be sure to follow along!

January 15, 2015

Grey Scale

I recently ventured into Zara & found some major closet staples (I suggest you check out their major sale that's going on!). To be honest, I could wear a version of this look every day. Neutral curve-hugging dress paired with fun pumps & faux fur -- screams FTF is you ask me! Being the anti-winter person I am, the recent NYC weather has really got me in some sort of funk. Most times I rely on dressing up to cheer me up. But who wants to get all dolled up when you have to wear a down jacket over everything?! This dress came in the nick of time. It's so comfy & rather warm - I'm not saying you can run around New York without a jacket, but a nice jacket with substantial warmth will certainly do the job!

January 12, 2015

Blush Sweater

My style has really changed throughout the past couple of months. When shopping, I look to neutrals rather than patterns & color (which is what I used to live for). This type of change opened my eyes to a total style revamp - which somehow led me to chop all my hair off! I know it may seem drastic but I've been rocking long hair for so many years, I cant remember the last time I had short hair. I decided to go to my stylist & get his opinion. After much debate, we decided to chop it & transform me into (somewhat of) a blonde. Two weeks later & I'm still loving it - new year, new hair!

Ann Taylor pants - similar